History of NBRS










Stacey Borden, Founder, and President NBRS


New Beginnings Reentry Services Inc., (NBRS) was formally established in 2016 by Stacey Borden, who has experienced firsthand the challenges that women must overcome upon release from the justice system, as well as the lack of support available to ensure their successful reintegration into society.

In 2010, Ms. Borden was released from prison after having spent years in and out of jail while battling demons of drug abuse brought on by great personal trauma.  If it were not for the love and support she received post-incarceration, she would not have been able to successfully confront societal challenges outside the prison system.  Once released, she continued on a positive journey by engaging in therapy and behavioral management.  Defying statistics, Stacey obtained her Bachelor's of Science degree in Human Services, followed by a Master's degree in Mental Health Counseling with a concentration in Addictions and Trauma. 

However, Ms. Borden realizes that she is the exception to the rule.  So she developed a passion to assist other women in overcoming the most challenging issues faced upon release from incarceration and to assist women in addressing their behaviors surrounding their involvement in criminal activities and incarceration.  Ms. Borden is committed to helping women heal from past trauma and turn their lives around. Learn More HERE

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