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Your contribution to NBRS supports our efforts to provide advocacy and deliver evidence-based treatment and supervision programs for incarcerated and formerly incarcerated women and girls throughout Massachusetts. Your contribution will provide safe and nurturing services for women and girls who are probationers, parolees, pretrial defendants and those who are currently incarcerated, in nonprofit residential, and non-residential reentry centers.






Other Examples of Ways to help or Volunteer

Organize a Yard Sale in support of NBRS

If your talents lie in business, administration, or marketing, consider organizing a yard sale for within your community, dedicating the proceeds to NBRS. Almost every household has electronics, furniture, clothes, or equipment that can be donated because they’re no longer in use. These items have value and can be recycled to those who will use them again.

Organize the Community in support of NBRS 

1. Organize a car wash and donate the profits to NBRS. 

Please contact us when you set it up so we can cover it on social media. 

2. Write articles / give speeches advocating criminal justice reform. First, you should learn about the topics themselves, and then give presentations on these topics.  

Please contact us so we can help you with any research or content you may need. 

3. Create a TV, radio or social media public service announcement supporting NBRS and its goals. 

Please contact us so we can help you with any research or content you may need. 

4. Create a GoFundMe Account and donate the profits to NBRS.

    Please contact us when you set up an account.

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