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NBRS works closely with nonprofits, state, county, and federal correctional agencies to develop custom programs and solutions that retain our core principles—evidence-based practices and program fidelity designed to reduce risk and recidivism. From programs designed for Spanish-speaking participants to programs for formerly incarcerated women, drug and alcohol impacted individuals released after serving many years of incarceration to servicing females, LBGTQ members and girls, NBRS is constantly innovating and evolving to address different risks and needs.


NBRS staff takes pride in and has achieved high marks from the Massachusetts Department of Correction, MCI for operating industry-leading reentry services and programs. In fact, many of our residential reentry services have achieved 100% satisfaction scores. We are currently in the application process to obtain Joint Commission on Hospital Accreditation JCHA certification. We are currently certified by various hospitals throughout Massachusetts.   

Licensed, Qualified Staff

NBRS recruits qualified staff from the communities we serve to work at NBRS. As a result, we benefit from their professional experience, community connections, and knowledge gained through years of community service. NBRS staff members and volunteers undergo intensive community-based NBRS training on a variety of issues—evidence-based practices, security and safety measures, and case management principles, for example—before they engage with participants.

NBRS Reentry Services - Residential Center - Coming Soon!

NBRS Reentry Services currently provides individuals nearing the end of their sentence with the resources necessary to productively transition back into society. We are in the process of establishing a residential center that will provide formerly incarcerated women from federal, state and county jails and prisons with temporary housing, employment assistance, substance abuse counseling, vocational and education programs. NBRS will also offer full service evidence-based cognitive-behavioral treatment programs at our newly established residential house, "Kimyas House."

Expressive Therapy and Dramatic Arts


Countering Recidivism:  Transforming Women's Trauma through Dramatic Arts.  NBRS believes that one of the most important therapies in treating trauma is the use of "Expressive Therapy and Dramatic Arts"   After thorough research, we discovered that drama is not just an outlet for a woman's creativity, but it's a way for her, in a safe environment, to explore and resolve her deep-seated feelings of anger, hostility, resentment, weakness, depression, and traumas. Processes such as improvisation, creative writing, storytelling, journal writing, and expressing one's inner voice can guide formerly incarcerated females to work comprehensively on their emotional instabilities.  Our clients learn to express feelings appropriately and improve their social skills and relationships while strengthening the innumerable roles they play in their personal and professional lives.  Another discovery is that those who received drama therapy show a significant and astonishing improvement in their self-image, self-esteem, and self-discipline.  Our clients also display a strong commitment to healthy living.

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