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Massachusetts Reentry Resource Guide announced by NBRS

Updated: Mar 16, 2021

Boston - February 24, 2021 - New Beginnings Reentry Services (NBRS) announced today the release of its first edition of its, "Massachusetts Reentry Resource Guide." Stacey Borden, Founder of NBRS said, "We are so proud to release this first of it's kind resource guide for incarcerated and formerly incarcerated women.

Our Resource Guidebook was designed by women for women to help incarcerated and formerly incarcerated women better understand Massachusetts and federal laws regarding reentry issues such as voting rights, registration laws, health, education, housing, and employment resources."

Stacey went on to say, "New Beginnings Reentry Services, Inc., anticipates receiving hundreds, if not thousands of letters and emails from currently incarcerated individuals and their families requesting the proposed Guidebook.

We believe the Guidebook will serve as a catalyst for our emerging women's justice movement, empowering currently or formerly incarcerated Massachusetts women, or family members regarding their rights and resources available to them post-incarceration." A link to the guide is available below, or you can get a hard copy for a marginal fee (donation) and shipping cost, by contacting New Beginnings Reentry Services at:

Link to the New Beginnings Reentry Services - Massachusetts Reentry Resource Guide:

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