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'No justice in destroying lives': Pressley, Bush call on Biden to grant clemency to 100 women in 100

WASHINGTON – Democratic Reps. Cori Bush, of Missouri, and Ayanna Pressley, of Massachusetts, added their voices to an initiative that calls on President Joe Biden to grant 100 women clemency in his first 100 days.

The National Council for Incarcerated & Formerly Incarcerated Women and Girls assembled 100 women Friday in Washington's Black Lives Matter Plaza to represent those for whom the organization wants clemency granted.

Speaking at the event, Pressley, noting the location as just outside the White House, said that "intersection of policy and Black liberation is more than symbolic. It is an intentional decision to follow the lead of our foremothers. To speak to truth to power."

"To tell President Biden to exercise his clemency authority," Pressley said, adding he can grant clemency to the 100 women "by the stroke of a pen." Source: USA Today

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