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Raymond Paps Gaines released! (wrongful conviction)

Raymond Paps Gaines has been incarcerated for 47 years, he fought many years for his life to prove his innocence. This case is a prosecutorial misconduct and BPD corruption. This system has stole 47 years from Raymond and his family. Raymond was a father when he was incarcerated and now he is coming home to his beautiful grandchildren.

47 years is almost a lifetime in it self. The system almost let an innocent man die in prison while serving two life sentences for a crime he did not commit. Community members and organizations like New Beginning ReEntry Services , Families for Justice as Healing and The National Council for Incarcerated and Formerly Incarcerated Women and Girls came together using an organizing strategy called Participatory Defense to prove Raymond's innocence.

Raymond is coming home!!!

He needs our support, Coming home after 47 years being incarcerated since the age of 19 he is now 67. Raymond has a lot of unaddressed health issues and is a covid survivor. Please donate to help Raymond with food, shelter and any day to day needs. This wont be an easy transition after enduring the trauma of incarceration for 47 years, however as a community we can come together to help Raymond. Donate HERE

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